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Activities belong to Leads and can represent any type of activity that was performed on a Lead or its Contacts (e.g. Calls, Emails, Notes, etc.).

List or filter all activity types.

GET /activity/{?lead_id, user_id, user_id__in, contact_id, contact_id__in, _type, _type__in, date_created__gt, date_created__lt, _fields}

To list only a specific activity type (e.g., only Call or LeadStatusChange), use the other resources listed separately. When querying activities for a single lead (using the lead_id parameter), you can ask for multiple activity types using _type__in.

When listing Custom Activities, _type and _type__in can include Custom Activity Type ids (e.g. actitype_1h5m6uHM9BZOpwVhyRJb4Y) to filter by a specific custom activity type or Custom to list custom activities of any type.

The following filtering parameters can only be used for listing activities on a single lead (using the lead_id parameter): user_id, user_id__in, contact_id, contact_id__in, _type, _type__in.

thread_emails parameter:

  • (Default) when this parameter is not present, Email objects will be returned for each email message.
  • A value of true will return EmailThread objects representing email conversations. Stripped-down version of Email objects will also be returned.
  • A value of only will return EmailThread objects representing email conversations. Email objects will not be returned.