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A Sequence is a series of steps to be performed, one by one, in specified time gaps to specific subscribers until they reply.

Steps may involve sending an email to or calling a subscriber.

List Sequences.

GET /sequence/

Create a Sequence.

POST /sequence/

Fetch a Sequence.

GET /sequence/{id}/

Update a Sequence.

PUT /sequence/{id}/

Note: If you include steps in the payload and exclude some of the existing steps in your sequence, it will remove those steps from the sequence entirely.

Delete a Sequence.

DELETE /sequence/{id}/

List Sequence Schedules.

GET /sequence_schedule/

Currently only 2 pre-created schedules are available

  • Monday - Friday, any time.
  • Monday - Friday, 9am – 4pm.

Fetch a Sequence Schedule.

GET /sequence_schedule/{id}/

List Sequence Subscriptions.

GET /sequence_subscription/{?sequence_id, contact_id, lead_id}

At least one of sequence_id, contact_id, and lead_id is required.

Subscribe a Contact to a Sequence.

POST /sequence_subscription/

Fetch a single Sequence Subscription.

GET /sequence_subscription/{id}/

Update a specific Subscription.

PUT /sequence_subscription/{id}/