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Connected Accounts

This endpoint can be used to pull information about the Email and Zoom accounts you currently have connected under Settings > Connected Accounts in Close and Email accounts you have the ability to send as via our Send As functionality.

Connected Accounts have three possible values for _type:

  • google - the connected account is a Gmail account using Google OAuth to connect to Close.
  • custom_email - the connected account is a non-Gmail email account. For example, this connected account type is used for our Mailgun and Sendgrid integrations.
  • zoom - the connected account is a Zoom account that is using our Zoom Integration
  • microsoft - the connected account is a Microsoft account using Microsoft OAuth to connect to Close.

google connected accounts have a synced_calendars field that contains which calendars are synced in as part of our Meetings Sync

List all the connected accounts you can use in your organization.

GET /connected_account/{?user_id}

You can filter down to a specific user by passing the ?user_id query parameter.

Fetch a single connected account.

GET /connected_account/{id}/