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Rich Text Fields

In many places, the application allows users to compose using rich text. In particular, within note activities and notes on calls or meetings.

These rich text fields are exposed as strings, where the content is a restricted subset of XHTML. All fields must begin and end with <body></body> tags.

Within the body, the there are plenty of formatting options:

  <h1>HTML Notes Example</h1>
    This is an <em>example</em> note. It includes various elements like
    <strong>strong emphasis</strong>, images, and links.
    Here's a list of some inline elements you can use:
    <li><b>Bold text</b></li>
    <li><i>Italic text</i></li>
    <li><u>Underlined text</u></li>
    <li><s>Strikethrough text</s></li>
    <li><span style="color: red;">Colored text</span></li>
    And don't forget about links! Here's an example:
    <a href="">Click me!</a>
    You can also include images:
    <img src="" alt="Example Image" />
  <hr />
    Finally, many rich text fields support mentioning users or groups cc