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A Call is made:

  • via calling a lead directly or receiving an incoming call from one (regular call)
  • via the dialer using the power behavior (power dialer call)
  • via the dialer using the predictive behavior (predictive dialer call)

This is exposed in the call_method field that can have the values regular, power or predictive respectively.

Every call also has a disposition associated with it. The values can be:

  • answered if the call was answered.
  • no-answer if the call was not answered.
  • vm-answer if a call was sent to voicemail, but the caller hung up without leaving a message (currently only applicable to incoming calls).
  • vm-left if a voicemail was left on an incoming call or dropped on an outgoing call.
  • busy if the call was not connected because the destination was busy.
  • blocked if Close did not allow the call to take place, e.g. due to the number being invalid.
  • error if an unexpected error occurred in Close or on our carrier's side.
  • abandoned if the call was abandoned. This can only happen with the predictive dialer if no sales rep is available for a connected call.

The cost of the call is in US cents and is a decimal number.

Call transcripts

Call recording and voicemail transcripts can be accessed using this API but are not loaded by default. To load transcripts, you can use the _fields parameter. The available field names are recording_transcript and voicemail_transcript.

Example transcript in response:

  "recording_transcript": {
      "utterances": [
              "speaker_label": "John Lead",
              "speaker_side": "contact",
              "start": 0.1,
              "end": 1.2,
              "text": "Hey, what's up? How is it going?",
              "speaker_label": "Jane User",
              "speaker_side": "close-user",
              "start": 1.3,
              "end": 2.4,
              "text": "Hey John, I'm doing great. How about you?",
      "summary_text": "Summary text",
      "summary_html": "<p>Summary text</p>",

List or filter all Call activities.

GET /activity/call/{?lead_id, user_id, date_created__gt, date_created__lt}

Log a Call activity manually (for calls made outside of the Close VoIP system).

POST /activity/call/

status: defaults to completed

direction (optional): outbound or inbound

recording_url: you can post a URL pointing to the MP3 recording of your call. For security reasons, we require the URL to be secure (i.e. starting with https://)

Fetch a single Call activity.

GET /activity/call/{id}/

Update a Call activity.

PUT /activity/call/{id}/

Most commonly this can be used to update a call note_html.

Some fields such as status, duration, or direction can't be updated for internal calls (calls that were made through Close's VoIP system).

Delete a Call activity.

DELETE /activity/call/{id}/