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Timezone Offsets

For requests that include date filters like date_created or date_start, you can use the x-tz-offset HTTP header to pass your timezone's UTC offset as part of your request. Including this header in your request lets you retrieve search results, run reports, and schedule emails and SMS relative to your timezone. This can be especially important when requesting an activity report that you want to match to what you see in Close or when running a query via the Advanced Filtering API where your query has a relative date (i.e. Leads Created Today).

For example, to pass this header for EDT (UTC-4:00), you would include the following header in your request:

 -H 'x-tz-offset: -4'

Note: for timezones like NDT (UTC-2:30) that have half-hour offsets, include a ".5" in the header:

 -H 'x-tz-offset: -2.5'