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Opportunity Custom Fields

List all the Opportunity Custom Fields for your organization.

GET /custom_field/opportunity/

Create a new Opportunity Custom Field.

POST /custom_field/opportunity/

Fetch Opportunity Custom Field's details.

GET /custom_field/opportunity/{id}/

Update an Opportunity Custom Field.

PUT /custom_field/opportunity/{custom_field_id}/

You can rename it, change its type, change whether it accepts multiple values or not, change whether editing its values is restricted to specific Roles, or update the options for a "choices" field type. The updated name will immediately appear in the Close UI and only valid values for the updated type will be returned by the Contact API.

Some of the type changes need to convert all of the existing values for a given Custom Field to the new type. When this is required, the response will include an additional converting_to_type field. When the conversion is done, converting_to_type will no longer be returned.

Delete an Opportunity Custom Field.

DELETE /custom_field/opportunity/{custom_field_id}/

The field will immediately disappear from any Opportunity API responses.