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List or filter all SMS activities.

GET /activity/sms/{?lead_id, user_id, date_created__gt, date_created__lt}

Get a list of matching SMS activities.

MMS messages are considered SMS messages with attachments. Attachments have identical fields to email attachments (url, filename, size and content_type), a media_id uniquely identifying an attachment, and if Close was able to generate a thumbnail, a thumbnail_url too.

Accessing url or thumbnail_url requires an authenticated session and leads to a temporarily signed S3 URL.

Create an SMS activity.

POST /activity/sms/

status must be one of the following:

  • inbox to log an already received SMS.
  • draft to create a draft SMS.
  • scheduled to send an SMS at a scheduled date and time, which must be specified in the date_scheduled field.
  • outbox to actually send an SMS. To delay SMS sending by a few seconds (to allow undo), specify send_in in seconds (must be less than 60).
  • sent to log an already sent SMS.

Only drafts can be modified, and their status can be changed to scheduled (to send later) or outbox (to send immediately). Scheduled SMS, or SMS in outbox that weren't sent yet can be canceled by setting the status back to draft.

You have to provide a local_phone that will be used to send the SMS. The number you choose has to be associated with a Phone Number of type internal. See the Phone Numbers paragraph for more details.

A template_id referencing an SMS Template may be provided instead of text to automatically render that template and use the content as text.

When direction is not provided, but status="inbox", direction will default to "inbound". Otherwise, direction defaults to "outbound".

Fetch a single SMS activity.

GET /activity/sms/{id}/

Update an SMS activity.

PUT /activity/sms/{id}/

This can be used to modify a draft or send it once the draft is complete.

To send an SMS immediately, you can update its status to outbox. To send it at a later time, change the status to scheduled and provide the desired date & time in the date_scheduled field.

Delete an SMS activity.

DELETE /activity/sms/{id}/