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Custom Field Schemas

A Custom Field Schema presents you with all (regular and shared) Custom Fields that belong on a given object (Lead, Contact, Opportunity, or some specific Custom Activity or Custom Object Type), in the specific order that you've defined. It's the best endpoint to use when asking the question: "What Custom Fields can I set on this object?"

The object_type in the URL can be one of: lead, contact, opportunity, activity/<cat_id>, custom_object/<cotype_id>.

Fetch a specific Custom Field Schema.

GET /custom_field_schema/{object_type}/

Reorder Custom Fields within a specific Custom Field Schema.

PUT /custom_field_schema/{object_type}/

To reorder Custom Fields (and thus change the order in which they are displayed in the Close UI), you simply need to supply a fields list with {"id": ...} items corresponding to the IDs of the Custom Fields belonging to the given Schema. Note that any IDs that are omitted from the list with be automatically appended to the end of the list. If you want to remove some Fields from the Schema, then delete the Custom Field or – in case of Shared Custom Fields – disassociate the Field from the given object.