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Custom Activity Instances

List or filter all Custom Activity instances.

GET /activity/custom/{?lead_id, user_id, date_created__gt, date_created__lt, custom_activity_type_id, custom_activity_type_id__in}

Custom Fields appear in the format: custom.{custom_field_id}. See Custom Fields.

If you're filtering by custom_activity_type_id or custom_activity_type_id__in parameter, the lead_id parameter will be required as well. If you want to retrieve all Custom Activity instances of a specific type regardless of the lead, you will need to get leads that contain such an activity type using Advanced Filtering and provide those Lead IDs one at a time to this endpoint.

Create a new Custom Activity instance.

POST /activity/custom/

Custom Activity instances will be created by default with the 'published' status. All required fields will be validated in this status. To create an activity without setting all required fields, you can use the "draft" status.

Retrieve a single Custom Activity instance.

GET /activity/custom/{id}/

Updating a Custom Activity instance.

PUT /activity/custom/{id}/

A Custom Activity can be updated to add, change or remove any Custom Fields and to change the status between "draft" and "published".

Delete a Custom Activity instance.

DELETE /activity/custom/{id}/