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Specifying Filter Parameters

Many resources accept filters and other parameters which can be simply passed in the GET query string. However, in certain cases, like filtering by a long list of IDs, URLs can potentially exceed the recommended maximum URL length (2000 characters). To prevent problems with long URLs, parameters can also be specified in a JSON-encoded dictionary in the request body under the _params key. Since GET requests with a request body are against the specification, we support the x-http-method-override HTTP header that lets you override the request method.

For example, the following two requests are equivalent:

curl -X POST
     -u apikey:
     -H 'content-type: application/json'
     -H 'x-http-method-override: GET'
     -d '{"_params": { "lead_id": "THE_LEAD_ID" }}'
curl -u apikey:

The x-http-method-override header can also be used for clients that have issues with request methods other than GET and POST.