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A dialer is associated with a specific Smart View or Shared Entry and automatically calls each lead or contact in it for you. This allows you to call targets in a Smart View or Shared Entry faster.

Once the dialer for a Smart View or Shared Entry is initiated, it starts making calls to each target that belongs to it and connects you to the call once someone picks up.

Dialers can have two behaviors (field type):

  • power, which will call one lead in the Smart View at a time
  • predictive, which will call multiple leads in the Smart View at a time and connect you with the first lead that answers.

Dialers can call lists from (field source_type):

  • Smart Views (saved-search)
  • Shared Entries (shared-entry)

This endpoint gives you information about a dialer session including: the source_value and source_type used in the dialer session, the type of the dialer sessions, the users included in the session, and more.

List or filter all dialer sessions.

GET /dialer/{?status, status__in, source_value, source_type, user_id}

Get a single dialer session.

GET /dialer/{id}/

Once you have a source_value for a dialer session and source_type=saved-search, you can use the saved_search endpoint to find out more information about the Smart View being used.