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A meeting activity can have the following statuses:

  • upcoming if the meeting is in the future
  • in-progress if the meeting is currently in progress
  • completed if the meeting happened and has ended
  • canceled if the meeting was deleted from all synced calendars, all participants that exist as contacts on a lead were removed from the meeting, or the meeting was moved to an "all day" event after it was synced on a lead page
  • declined-by-lead if at least one contact on the lead that is a part of the attendees list declined the meeting, and no other contacts on the lead accepted the meeting
  • declined-by-org if all Close users on the meeting declined to attend

Each contact in the attendees array can have the following statuses:

  • noreply if the attendee has yet to reply to the meeting invite
  • yes if the attendee has replied yes to the meeting invite
  • no if the attendee has replied no to the meeting invite
  • maybe if the attendee has replied maybe to the meeting invite

The is_recurring will be true if a meeting is a recurring meeting on your Google Calendar.

The date_created field on Meeting activities refers to the date and time the meeting starts, not the date and time when the Meeting activity was first synced to the lead in Close.

List or filter all Meeting activities.

GET /activity/meeting/{?lead_id, user_id, date_created__gt, date_created__lt}

Fetch a single Meeting activity.

GET /activity/meeting/{id}/

Delete a Meeting activity.

DELETE /activity/meeting/{id}/