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Smart Views

Smart Views are "saved search queries" in Close and show up in the sidebar in the UI. They can be private for a user or shared with an entire Organization.

Smart Views can filter by leads or contacts. Lead SVs have a query field which is a text-based query. Contact SVs have a s_query field which is a structured search query.

List Smart Views.

GET /saved_search/{?type, type__in}


  • A type filter that accepts either lead or contact. Defaults to lead.
  • A type__in filter that can be used to select multiple comma-separated types: lead,contact.

Create a Lead Smart View.

POST‎‎‎ /saved_search/

For Lead Smart Views, the type field is optional (since lead is the default type).

Create a Contact Smart View.

POST /saved_search/

When creating a Contact Smart View, you must specify that you want to get objects of type contact via a specify object_type clause as per the Contact Filtering section. See the example below.

Get a single Smart View.

GET /saved_search/{id}/

Update a Smart View.

PUT /saved_search/{id}/

Delete a Smart View.

DELETE /saved_search/{id}/