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Contacts represent individual people within a company/organization that you're selling to.

Each contact belongs to exactly one Lead and can contain multiple phone numbers, email addresses and URLs, and be associated with one or more Contact Custom Fields.

To easily find contacts that match specific conditions, use the Advanced Filtering API.

List contacts.

GET /contact/

Create a new contact.

POST /contact/

Fetch a single contact.

GET /contact/{id}/

Update an existing contact.

PUT /contact/{id}/

If you're trying to update a custom field and that custom field accepts multiple values, you can also specify .add or .remove as part of the field key to add/remove a single value to/from a list of values, e.g.:

{ "custom.cf_v6S011I6MqcbVvB2FA5Nk8dr5MkL8sWuCiG8cUleO9c.add": "Wednesday" }

adds "Wednesday" to the list of values which already exist on the given contact.

Delete a contact.

DELETE /contact/{id}/